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Daily Mail

Ancient tablet discovered by the real Indiana Jones is the world's oldest calculator
A 3,700-year-old Babylonian clay tablet discovered by the real Indiana Jones has been revealed as the world's oldest - and most accurate - trigonometric table. Mathematicians believe that the tablet, known as Plimpton 322, may have been used by ancient ...
Inscriptions found in a 3700-year old clay tablet prove Babylonians beat the Greeks in mastering trigonometry by at ...Daily Mail

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Seattle Times

Hints of trigonometry found on 3700-Year-Old Babylonian tablet
Seattle Times
In their paper, Mansfield and Wildberger show that this is better than what would be calculated using a trigonometric table from the Indian mathematician Madhava 3,000 years later. These days, someone with a calculator can quickly come up with a bit ...

The Saratogian

Siobhan Connally's Ittybits & Pieces: When mathematicians go wild
The Saratogian
... hints on figuring out complex trigonometry problems three-thousand years ahead of its time. And it has some mathematicians wondering if the ancient calculator could have lessons for modern day students since its calculations use ratios rather than ...

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Mathway – Solve your Math Problems Now!
There are various terms in trigonometry such as Sin, Cos, Tan etc. These options are not provided on a regular calculator. A scientific calculator is required to perform these calculations. Mathway Trigonometry calculator provides 24 keys related to ...

Back to school challenges - Kelowna News -
Getting a child ready to head to school can not only be incredibly stressful and expensive, but many of the costs don't appear until the kid is in the classroom.

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Financial Express

Hints of trigonometry on a 3700-year-old Babylonian tablet
Financial Express
Two Australian mathematicians assert that an ancient clay tablet was a tool for working out trigonometry problems, possibly adding to the many techniques that Babylonian mathematicians had mastered. “It's a trigonometric table, which is 3,000 years ...

Babylonians beat Greeks to trigonometry by 1000 years
But the pair believe that it was in fact an ancient calculator for complex trigonometric equations. Dr Daniel Mansfield (pictured) says Plimpton 3322 shows that the ancient Mesopotamian culture beat. This image shows a digital scan of the Babylonian ...


How to become a game developer in South Africa
“Algebra and vector math are the most important, but game development touches on trigonometry, geometry, and calculus.” ... From an artist's perspective, his brother, Christopher Bischoff, joked he has only needed to know how to work a basic calculator.

Popular Mechanics

A Free Online Tool is Challenging the Graphing Calculator's ...
Popular Mechanics
For years, the $100 graphing calculator has been a mainstay of high schools and SAT sessions. Now, a San Francisco-based company has partnered with ...

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9 to 5 Mac

EduTech: The best camera calculator apps for iPhone and iPad
9 to 5 Mac
In this week's installment, we're going to focus on the best camera calculator apps for iPhone and iPad. This is one of the best implementations of technology for students and makes the process of entering long equations into a calculator much more ...

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Trigonometry Calculator - Carbide Depot
Enter all known variables (sides a, b and c; angles A and B) into the text boxes. To enter a value, click inside one of the text boxes.

Trigonometry Calculator -
Trigonometry calculator solves for all 6 trigonometric functions and for all 6 trigonometric arcfunctions, the double line display works with degrees and radians ...

Trigonometry Calculator - Solve ... - Solve Math Problems
Trigonometry, which studies the measure of triangles, takes algebra to the next level. Its most well-known features include the Pythagorean Theorem and the sine ...

Right Triangle Trigonometry Calculator
Click a side or angle entry to activate, and enter values for any 2 known sides (Green + Blue) or any 1 side and 1 angle to calculate the remaining sides and angles.

Find Coterminal Angles - Trigonometry Calculator
A calculator to find the exact value of a coterminal angle to a given trigonometric angle. Since there are an infinite number of coterminal angles, this calculator ...

Convert Degrees into Radians - Trigonometry Calculator
An easy to use online calculator to convert degrees to radians.

Right Triangle Trigonometry Calculator -
Click a side or angle entry to activate, and enter values for any 2 known sides (Green + Blue) or any 1 side and 1 angle to calculate the remaining sides and angles.

Statistics Calculator - Solve Math Problems
Choose The Math Calculator You Need Below! Basic Math; Pre-Algebra; Algebra; Trigonometry; Precalculus ... Home / Statistics Calculator

Trigonometry using a Calculator (solutions, examples, videos)
How to evaluate trigonometric ratio of angles using a calculator, how to use a calculator to find the trigonometric value of an angle, examples with step by step ...

Calculators for Contractors, Builders, Remodelers ...
Calculators Plans and Templates for Contractors - Builders - Remodelers - Carpenters - Woodworkers - Scale Modelers




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