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How Physics Keeps Figure Skaters Gracefully Aloft
One of the best places to explore this variety of physical forces is figure skating. A skater's every twist, turn and leap begins with balance. And balance relies on being able to keep your center of mass—which, as the name implies, is the center of ...

Science Trends

A New Twisting Somersault
Science Trends
In platform diving, the athlete takes off in the layout position shown in Figure 1a. For the simpler class of somersaults without twist, the athlete performs symmetric shape changes to move into and out of pike or tuck position. During shape change the ...


Telegram ICO Destined to Break Records with $850 Million Raised in Pre-Sale
This is 30% of the amount raised by the Telegram Pre-Sale. Another ICO, Tezos, raised $232 Million. This is a 27.3% of the amount raised in the Telegram Pre-Sale. It is therefore safe to assume that when the Telegram ICO goes live and public, we can ...

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Nanowerk (blog)

Kirigami nanofluidic devices
Nanowerk (blog)
Figure 1: Schematic drawings highlighting the microstructural differences between (a) a conical-shaped nanopore, whose channel size is nonuniform and (b) a GO film that has uniform channel size, despite of asymmetric macroscopic shape. (© RSC). For ...

Science Trends

How Neurons Synchronize In Human Oscillating Systems
Science Trends
Synchronization is a phenomenon that is present in many biological processes such as neurons when performing tasks. However, the phenomenon can also be observed in everyday activities, for instance when experiencing an applause. Initially, this starts ...

Middle-aged woman presents with rapidly progressive bilateral ptosis and diplopia
The patient was initially evaluated at bedside. Near vision with correction was 20/30 bilaterally. Color vision and confrontation visual fields were full in both eyes. Pupils were symmetric, reacted briskly to light and showed no evidence of a relative ...

Allure Magazine

The Differences Between Melasma and Typical Hyperpigmentation — and How to Treat Them
Allure Magazine
You can usually tell if you have melasma based on its appearance alone. "[It] typically appears as symmetric blotchy hyperpigmented patches on the face, usually the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and upper lip," says Sejal Shah, a ...


Graphene Raman Analyzer: Carbon Nanomaterials Characterization
Figure 1 displays the Raman spectra of monolayer graphene (red trace), single crystal graphite (green trace), carbon nanotubes (black trace), and carbon black powder (blue trace). The sharp, symmetric single peak of 2D-band characterizes the graphene ...


Lithium—it's not just for batteries: The powdered metal can reduce instabilities in fusion plasmas
Figure showing the location of the two lithium injectors, as well as color images of plasma before and after lithium injection. Red indicates light emitted from both deuterium and lithium, while yellow and orange show lithium line emission. Credit ...

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Business Line

The last eclipse of kaliyuga
Business Line
There is an esoteric theorem from 1822 named after the Belgian mathematician Germinal Pierre Dandelin (see figure), where two spheres are sandwiched inside a cone, with a tangent plane between them. If the apex of the cone were a sun, this becomes the ...

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Finding axes of skewed symmetry - ScienceDirect
A bilaterally symmetric figure on an arbitrarily oriented plane viewed under orthographic projection yields a “skew symmetric” figure whose axes of symmetry and ...

Difference between conformations of immunoglobulin M and ...
Radial distribution functions calculated from molecular models point to the difference between conformations of immunoglobulin M and human rheumatoid factor, based on ...

LUXMAN L-550 - Audio Datebase
The Integrated Amplifier which carries a DUObeta circuit / S. In addition to the power source plusX of the DUObeta circuit which combined "proper-quantity NFB" and ...

Maths KS 2 Simple Symmetry for all. by colinbillett ...
Simple reflection to introduce the concept. A dozen butterflies to sort, and half a dozen for the learners to make their own symmetrical butterflies. And two sides ...

Symmetrical Patterns KS2 - - ks2, symmetrical, patterns
A handy pack with a variety of resources to support teaching and learning of symmetrical patterns in KS2.

Introduction to Symmetry (Science U)
The Seventeen Wallpaper Tilings Some of the most fascinating tilings are the so-called wallpaper tilings. These tilings are so symmetric that they can be built up by ...

Year 4: Symmetry (5 lesson Unit of Work + Mini-Assessments ...
This is a five lesson Symmetry unit of work for Year 4. In this resource pack you will find: Lesson plans (including for your TA), differentiated worksheets ...

Year 4 | Chatsworth Primary School
Welcome to Year 4! Here you will find details of our topics for the year, homework and trip information. Please make sure the children are well prepared for the start ...

Primary Curriculum 2014 -
Primary Curriculum 2014 Suggested Key Objectives for Mathematics at Key Stages 1 and 2

Quantum Mechanics: Ground States for 2 Charged Particles ...
In this blog post I want to have a look at the Coulomb interaction, the governing equation of electrostatics, in the context of quantum mechanics. In my ...




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