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    * Latest "Reflection" News * 


Words are a reflection of the soul | Columns  Beckley Register-Herald

Hate has no place in the halls of our Legislature. Yet we have learned it can, and does, lurk in the shadows, rearing an ugly head through words of malice.

'Crimes of the Heart' is a reflection of family

The performers in “Crimes of the Heart” received a standing ovation after their Feb. 17 their performance. The performance of the play took place in the Briggs ...

Hedges Encourages Reflection on NYUAD  NYU Washington Square News

British doctoral student Matthew Hedges was tortured last year during a months-long interrogation period and subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment in ...

On Walking and Longing for the Woods: A Reflection  Patheos

Ordinary Time 18 February 2019 The Edge of Elfland Concord, New Hampshire Dearest Readers, I miss walking. When my wife and lived in England we had to ...

Reflection: Remembering the 17 Parkland Victims  NBC4 Washington

One year after – as families continue to grieve and activists organize to prevent similar tragedies from ever occurring – we remember the students, teachers and ...

Reflections on reflection  The Boston Globe

Works by Karin Rosenthal and Anne Lilly are on display at Brandeis University's Kniznick Gallery.

A Reflection: Randy Carlyle  Anaheim Calling

My name is Daniel Kleinberg, and I am an Anaheim Ducks fan. For the last two years and change I've hidden in the woodwork, afraid to talk to my hockey peers, ...

'100 Days Until Tassels Turn' Reflection  The Waltonian

Recently, Eastern University celebrated 100 days until tassels turn (regarding the spring graduation of the class of 2019). For many seniors, they will be starting ...

Saratoga parents outraged over privilege reflection form  NEWS10 ABC

Some parents in Saratoga Springs are outraged after their high school students were given a "privilege reflection form" in class.

Degrowth and Transformation: a Reflection  Resilience

This article is part of a series on discussing strategy in the degrowth movement. The introduction to the series and an ongoing list of contributions ...

A reflection of love - The Suffolk News-Herald  Suffolk News-Herald

By QuaWanna Bannarbie. Everything is heart-shaped today. It is Valentine's Day. When I opened my laptop a few days ago, I noticed my screensaver had ...

A day of reflection: the first anniversary of Parkland shooting  WAFB

Valentine's Day marks the one year anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting that left 17 people dead.

NIU to hold 'moment of reflection' Thursday on anniversary of 2008 mass shooting

Northern Illinois University plans to hold a "moment of reflection" on Thursday at 3:06 p.m. to honor the lives of five students who were killed during a mass ...

Francis' long reflection on the issue of sexual abuse in the Church  La Croix International

Pope Francis is aware that Benedict XVI's 'zero tolerance,' although effective in punishing future abuse, remains inadequate as a preventive measure. (Photo by ...

Screening, service, reflection are Mount Angel's antidotes to clericalism  National Catholic Reporter

Sunday Mass at Mount Angel Abbey and Seminary in St. Benedict, Oregon, typically includes about 40 Benedictine monks, more than 100 seminarians and ...

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