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Monastic Strategies: What We See in Our Own Reflection  Patheos

What We See in Our Own Reflection We live in a world which discourages us from spending time in reflection. Many of us are asked to think about something ...

For singer Harriet Brown, moving to L.A. spurred ‘super-painful’ self-reflection  Washington Post

For many of us, bouts of anxiety or depression can be treated by window-shopping or Amazon trawling to reach a better state of mind. But no matter how good a ...

MennoCon19 reflection: Why I go to convention  The Mennonite

Editor's note: Following MennoCon19, several bloggers for The Mennonite are sharing reflections. Conventions are where we in Mennonite Church USA go to ...

Pledge Debate A Time For Reflection  Swift County Monitor

By Reed Anfinson Publisher Swift County Monitor-News. Few issues separate people's core beliefs as to what defines patriotism at a visceral level than the ...

Reflection for Guided Reading | United Federation of Teachers  United Federation of Teachers

A reflection on funerals of two distinguished men  The Irish Catholic

Two funerals of Irishmen distinguished in their fields took place over the last week: one was a large popular gathering to mark the passing of the comedian ...

Time for reflection  Salina Journal

We think of beautiful daylight gardens; however, you can have a lovely garden for the evening hours, too. Plants that light up in the early to mid-evening will have ...

Moon landing reflection: an opportunity to worship

JACKSON, Tenn. (BP) — Exploration is “a part of what God has built into us.” Physics professor Bill Nettles said the moon landing, making its 50th anniversary ...

Ultravioletto's Neural Mirror shows audiences an AI reflection of themselves  Dezeen

Ultravioletto is showing Neural Mirror, an interactive AI and facial recognition installation in a former church in the Italian city of Spoleto.

Union Station art piece 'Reflection Motion' removed after storm damage  KMBC Kansas City

In a move that will no doubt disappoint many, creators of the kinetic art piece "Reflecting Motion" at Union Station have decided to remove the sculpture after it ...

Westminster Stingrays Swim Team looks at reflection at 30th anniversary  Baltimore Sun

Now celebrating the team's 30-year anniversary, Westminster Stingray Swim Team members reflected on its history and all the friendships born at the water.

'Minnesota cologne' a reflection of the weather  Aurora News Register

Each year we try to spend a few weeks up north in Minnesota with hopes of good fishing and just plain relaxing. The trips have been pretty routine over the past ...

Century Communities, Inc. announces its 3rd pre-grand opening in 60 days for Reflection at College Park in Mountain House  PRNewswire

SAN FRANCISCO, July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Century Communities, Inc, a top 10 national home builder, announced today the pre-sales grand opening of ...

MennoCon19 reflection: I'm now confident I can be myself and be Mennonite  The Mennonite

Editor's note: Following MennoCon19, several bloggers for The Mennonite are sharing reflections. The church is a mess, thanks be to God. This was a refrain ...

On reflection: how the 'albedo effect' is melting the Antarctic  The Guardian

This environmental phenomenon is a vicious feedback loop – but would painting our roofs white help?

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