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Quadrilateral - Wikipedia
In Euclidean plane geometry, a quadrilateral is a polygon with four edges (or sides) and four vertices or corners. Sometimes, the term quadrangle is used, by analogy ...

Quadrilaterals - Square, Rectangle, Rhombus, Trapezoid ...
(Also see this on Interactive Quadrilaterals) Properties. A quadrilateral has: four sides (edges) four vertices (corners) interior angles that add to 360 degrees:

Quadrilateral - definition of quadrilateral by The Free ...
Define quadrilateral. quadrilateral synonyms, quadrilateral pronunciation, quadrilateral translation, English dictionary definition of quadrilateral. quadrilateral n.

Quadrilateral | Definition of Quadrilateral by Merriam-Webster
Define quadrilateral: a polygon of four sides — quadrilateral in a sentence

Intro to quadrilateral (video) | Shapes | Khan Academy
Learn the term quadrilateral as well as trapezoid, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, and square.

Quadrilateral -- from Wolfram MathWorld
A quadrilateral, sometimes also known as a tetragon or quadrangle (Johnson 1929, p. 61) is a four-sided polygon. If not explicitly stated, all four polygon vertices ...

Wesleyan Quadrilateral - Wikipedia
The Wesleyan Quadrilateral, or Methodist Quadrilateral, is a methodology for theological reflection that is credited to John Wesley, leader of the Methodist movement ...

Quadrilateral | Italian fortresses |
Quadrilateral: Famous combination of four fortresses mutually supporting one another, during the Austrian rule of northern Italy. The four fortified towns were Mantua ...

Quadrilaterals - definition of Quadrilaterals by The Free ...
Quadrilaterals synonyms, Quadrilaterals pronunciation, Quadrilaterals translation, English dictionary definition of Quadrilaterals. quadrilateral n.

Quadrilateral properties (video) | Shapes | Khan Academy
Which of the following names can be used to describe the geometric shape below? So the first name in question is a quadrilateral. And a quadrilateral is literally any ...




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