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Smyrna Clayton Sun Times

Looking Up: See Betelgeuse, the ruby-red star - Lifestyle - Smyrna ...
Smyrna Clayton Sun Times
Last week's column highlighted the "diamond in the sky," Sirius. This time around we will look at another beacon of the winter sky, which shines more like a ruby: Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse is one of the luminaries of the constellation Orion, marking the ...

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This E-Paper Tile Facade Is Inspired by the WW1 Military Optical Illusion "Razzle Dazzle"
San Diego Airport has unveiled their permanent interactive artwork DAZZLE on the Airport's Rental Car Centre commissioned by San Diegos County Regional Airport Authority, that features the debut of E Ink's revolutionary prism technology on a large ...

The State Journal-Register

Looking Up: See Betelgeuse, the ruby-red star
The State Journal-Register
Betelgeuse is one of the luminaries of the constellation Orion, marking the upper left corner of the parallelogram of stars encompassing the famed stellar trio of “Orion's Belt”. You can see Orion in the south on February evenings. The eighth brightest ...

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2016 - 2018 SSR Motorsports' Doohan iTank
Top Speed
SSR Motorsports has dipped a toe in the EV market with a handful of products, but the iTank scooter by Doohan takes the cake. Marketed under various names in different markets, the iTank rocks a Delta-trike configuration with a moderate range and plug ...

New York Times

Review: Self, Meet Your Future, in 'A Parallelogram' - The New York ...
New York Times
If you knew what your life would hold, would you try to change it? And could you succeed? Bruce Norris's new play answers, “Maybe” and “Not much.”
'A Parallelogram': Theater ReviewHollywood Reporter
Review: Existential Comedy 'A Parallelogram' Takes Shape Off-BroadwayNBC New York
Theater Review: A Parallelogram Is a Theatrical Black MirrorVulture -Financial Times -New York Daily News
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Mother Jones

Respect the Parallelogram
Mother Jones
The photo is of a sign in a window of a tax accountants: this is a shitty sign on a whole bunch of shitty levels. — Camestros Felapton (@CamestrosF) August 29, 2017. And now the storm: First: don't disrespect geometry and ...

Quebec Daily Examiner

Extreme Weather and New Engines Drive Growing Demand for Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT Wash Bay in Fleet Maintenance ...
Quebec Daily Examiner
The SKYLIFT, a true vertical rise lift, generally takes up less room than a parallelogram lift and also has reduced foundation requirements. “What’s more,� added Bowers, “it’s relatively easy to install, offers greater maneuverability for ...

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Bruce Norris' The Low Road Begins Off-Broadway
The production features scenic design by David Korins, costume design by Emily Rebholz, lighting design by Ben Stanton, sound design by Matt Tierney, wig, hair, and make-up design by design J. Jared Janas and Dave Bova, and music composition by Mark ...


King-Sized Bits: Still trying to wrap my head around Taylor Mikesell's record night
That's how many points Jackson senior Taylor Mikesell scored – all by herself – in the streaking Polar Bears girls basketball team's 82-58 non-conference victory over Austintown Fitch last Saturday. That's right. It's not a misprint, or a typo ...


Off Broadway Review: Bruce Norris' 'A Parallelogram'
Didn't we already see “Groundhog Day” onstage this year? Or is “A Parallelogram” playwright Bruce Norris' private little joke? Just kidding. Both shows fiddle around with the concept of the time/space continuum that made physics teachers despair of the ...

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Parallelogram - Math Is Fun
Math explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets and a forum. For K-12 kids, teachers and parents.

Definition of Parallelogram - Math Is Fun
Math explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets and a forum. For K-12 kids, teachers and parents.

Parallelogram | Definition of Parallelogram by Merriam-Webster
Define parallelogram: a quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel and equal — parallelogram in a sentence

Cool math .com - The Properties of a Parallelogram ...
Definitions and formulas for the radius of a circle, the diameter of a circle, the circumference (perimeter) of a circle, the area of a circle, the chord of a circle ...

Parallel by Simon Singh
Noun: Parallelogram Pronunciation: /ˌparəˈlɛləɡram/ Origin: late 16th century: from French parallélogramme, via late Latin from Greek parallēlogrammon, from ...

BBC - KS3 Bitesize Maths - Area : Revision, Page 6
A key stage 3 revision and recap resource for maths, covering area, including rectangles, triangles, compound shapes and parallelograms .

IXL - Proving a quadrilateral is a parallelogram (Geometry ...
Fun math practice! Improve your skills with free problems in 'Proving a quadrilateral is a parallelogram' and thousands of other practice lessons.

Varignon's theorem - Wikipedia
Varignon's theorem is a statement in Euclidean geometry, that deals with the construction of a particular parallelogram, the Varignon parallelogram, from an arbitrary ...

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Quadrilaterals
Quadrilaterals. The angles in a quadrilateral add up to 360º. There are other facts that you will need to know about special types of quadrilaterals.

8" Jointer with Parallelogram Beds | Grizzly Industrial
This 8" Jointer is sure to be popular among both professional and hobbyist woodworkers. The 76-3/8" table with extra-long infeed table and huge fence will make sure ...




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